Living a life of quiet contentment

Contentment is defined as a state of peaceful happiness and satisfaction.

When I think of quiet contentment I imagine a life of simplicity. A calm and peaceful life. Where we don't need 'bells and whistles' to be happy but can enjoy experiences and life around us in an authentic way. I imagine sitting in silence and being aware that there is more to life than ourselves. That life is both vast and lucid. 

It may mean something else to you. And that's OK. We all have our own set of ideals around what contentment means. 

For a long time I've felt far from content. I've battled with my confusion about the future. I felt like I was meandering through life without a clear path. I felt so much anxiety about the prospect of reaching mid-life and still having no clue of where I'm going.

I'm realising however that this feeling isn't uncommon. And in a way we are all wandering together confused, full of questions about this journey that is life.

Could it be, in fact, that our lives are ‘about’ nothing more than this? That the whole raison d’être for our birth was this voyage of discovery, with a divine sense of mystery, or mischief, decreeing that our journey, properly followed, is one that passes from narcissism to self-knowledge, through happiness to joy?
— Anthony Seldon, Beyond Happiness

A few significant events in my life have increased my desire to really question its meaning.

The first - my mother's suicide. The second - living abroad. And the third - becoming a parent. Each event has encouraged me to think about life on a deeper level. To appreciate and see the beauty of simplicity. And to realise that there is more to life than material possessions, or a focus completely on ourselves. 

These events have encouraged me to practice living in the moment. To find pleasure in the everyday - the mundane bits and all. To notice the smiles on the faces of those around me. And move towards that place of Quiet Contentment. 

Through this space I'll share thoughts on what I believe creates a wholesome and meaningful life. And hopefully encourage you to look at your own on a deeper level.

Some areas I'll write about are:

  • The beauty of simplicity
  • Feeling inspired in our homes
  • The importance of community and creating memorable moments together
  • Feeling a sense of flow in our lives
  • How being alone is good for the soul

Among many other things. I hope you enjoy what is to come.